Pure NZSIA Training & Exam


We here at Pure Ski are really excited about this season, we are now affiliated with NZSIA to run Level 3 training and exams.

You don’t have to have a skiing background with the NZ system, you can join in the training and exams if you hold BASI Level 2 or equivalent from another association. Please get in touch and we can help you convert your existing qualification.

The New Zealand Snowsports Instructors Alliance has been training and qualifying New Zealand Snowsports instructors since it was established in 1971.

NZSIA is recognised internationally for producing professional and knowledgeable instructors able to teach and perform on snow at a high standard.

NZSIA divisions have developed a qualification framework that not only caters to the distinct New Zealand environment but also prepares the instructors to teach in the many diverse cultures and conditions encountered whilst working internationally.

If you are ready to take your skiing and teaching to the next level then check out the dates below.

Pure NZSIA training

4-Week Training – 2600CHF for 20 days of training and 4 night sessions

Training Plan:

16/01/2017 – 20/01/2017 – Week 1 on Snow Training
18/01/2017 – Night session 1
23/01/2017 – 27/01/2017 – Week 2 on Snow Training
25/01/2017 – Night session 2

31/01/2017 – 05/02/2017 – NZSIA Level 3 alpine Pre Course
– not included in the 4-week training price, required to be booked separately

06/03/2017 – 10/03/2017 – Week 3 on Snow Training
08/03/2017 – Night Session 3
13/03/2017 – 17/03/2017 – Week 4 on Snow Training
15/01/2017 – Night Session 4

21/03/2017 – 25(26)(27)/03/2017 – NZSIA Level 3 alpine Exam
– not included in the 4-week training price, required to be booked separately

What is included:

  • 18 days of on snow alpine ski coaching.
  • Personal action plan and mentoring with your principal coach.
  • Video analysis and theory sessions.
  • Regular individual video feedback.
  • 2 days Second discipline coaching (Telemark or Snowboard).
  • Discount if wanting to join the weekend training sessions.
  • Discount in Shops in Verbier for gear rental and all purchases.

What is NOT included:

  • Accommodation
  • Lift pass
  • Insurance

Weekly courses – 675CHF for 5 days of training

16/01/2017 – 20/01/2017
23/01/2017 – 27/01/2017
06/03/2017 – 10/03/2017
13/03/2017 – 17/03/2017

Weekend courses – 280CHF for 2 days of training

21/01/2017 – 22/01/2017
28/01/2017 – 29/01/2017
11/03/2017 – 12/03/2017
18/03/2017 – 19/03/2017

Evening sessions (Technical discussions/Movement analysis)  – 20CHF for 2hrs

January – 18/01/2017 – 21/01/2017 – 25/01/2017
March – 08/03/2017  – 11/03/2017 – 15/03/2017 – 18/03/2017

Other Training dates available on request

All training must have at least 3 participants to be run otherwise you are refunded or moved to another date if you wish.

Book two or more training courses and receive a discount on your package, get in touch and we can tell you more.

NZSIA – Pre-course & Exam

This part is run by flown in NZSIA examiners and organized by us here at Pure ski!

Ski Level 3 Pre-course cost 950CHF

Pre-course                            31/01/2017 – 05/02/2017

It is mandatory to participate in the NZSIA Ski Level 3 Pre-course in order to sit the NZSIA Ski Level 3 Exam

Ski Level 3 Exam cost 890CHF

Exam                                      21/03/2017 – 25/03/2017

(if 7-9 participants finish date 26/03/2017, each candidate does 4 days)
(if 10-12 participants finish date 27/03/2017, each candidate does 4 days)

If you have already passed a part of the NZSIA Ski Level 3 Exam you can choose to only re-sit the part you are missing.

Please note that you need to book pre-course and exam minimum 6 weeks before start date.

If you have any questions or would like to book, get in touch here!


Coaches :

Jan Toufar :  NZSIA ISIA, Swiss Brevet Federal, CSIA ISIA, NZSIA Telemark ISIA

Olly Murchington : NZSIA ISIA, Swiss Patente, CSIA ISIA